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Spring News Letter

Revised Mortgage Predictions for 2014. The Mortgage Bankers Association now estimates refinance activity to decrease over 50% in 2014 compared to the prior year. However, it is still predicting that mortgage originations relative to purchases will increase 9%. The mortgage rates are anticipated to rise about 1% in 2014.


In 2013, home equity lending exceeded 2009 levels with $111 billion new home equity lines of credit being opened according to MarketWatch.


5 things to boost home sales: According to the Wall Street Journal, economists say there are 5 things that will boost home sales in 2014.


They are:

1. Job Growth-if employers are hiring, existing employees feel more confident with job security.

2. More access to credit-slightly loosened standards as lenders get comfortable with changes in new federal guidelines.

3. Steady interest rates

4. Larger market-more new homes

5. Buyer confidence


Home Prices climbing. A recent study by the Demand Institute predicted that by 2018, the median price of single-family homes will be close to the peak reach in 2006 before the market crashed.


6 Important Tax Tips for Homeowners. According to USA Today, homeowners should look for the following when doing their 2013 tax return:


1. Mortgage Interest. One of the most common deductions, which even covers multiple loans so long as the total is under the $1.1 million cap. Be cautious on home equity loan deduction, though.


2. Mortgage Insurance and Taxes. Private Mortgage Insurance is deductible and local and state property taxes can be itemized on federal tax returns.


3. Going Green. Up to $500 in green energy credits.


4. Cancellation of Debt. Any cancellation of mortgage debt/debt forgiveness, needs to be reported.


5. Selling Your Home Unlocks Tax Breaks. There may also be tax implications, of course, but some home sale costs, including title insurance, advertising and real estate broker fees can be claimed on your return.


6. Casualty Losses. If you have a loss more than 10% of your income (e.g. if you make $100,000, you have to pay $10,000 out-of-pocket before you get a deduction).



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